Translation Services and Content Creation

//Translation Services and Content Creation
Translation Services and Content Creation
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Why Do You Need Our Translation Service?

Quality translation ensures your key messages reach the audience you want, with the flow, cadence, and quality they expect.

Communicating your brand and message is important in all areas of business – it’s how you show the world who you are.

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What does the Translation Service Include?

  • Content that delivers maximum value to the reader

  • Full translation of your content

  • Natural, effective content which is engaging and highly readable

  • Local, expert translators shape your content to resonate with the local audience

  • A Translation service that factors on SEO for greater online visibility

  • Enhanced translation service with additional keyword research also available

What is included in digital strategy

Why You Need a Translation Service

Digital Pivot’s translation service takes your content and, using local, professional translators, crafts it to suit the intended audience. This means your message reaches and resonates with a new audience in a seamless translation that reads and feels natural. No broken English, no poor copy – just perfectly translated content that does its job. Consumers demand content, but that content need to be perfect for its intended audience – and our professional translation service delivers just that.

We offer two, distinct translation services so you can pick the option that best suits your job brief and content goals. Our standard translation service offers translation within your SEO and marketing guidelines, taking the already existing structure and simply translating it into the language you require.

For those looking for something more bespoke, or who perhaps require guidance on the SEO aspects, our enhanced service includes keyword research. We’ll also conduct geolocalization on the content to meet specified guidelines. Translated by a native speaker of your desired language, this service can help with your geo-specific SEO needs.

For businesses that want to expand their reach beyond their own borders, translation can provide an economical and extremely powerful in-road to new markets. You already have your content written – we simply take your existing copy, translate it and make it read like it written by a native speaker. This means you can enjoy increased SEO and marketing impacts from your existing copy, with our translation and SEO measures introducing it to a whole new audience. In terms of what this means for your business overall, you can rest easy knowing that you already have quality content to hand and it’s being pushed into new, potentially lucrative, markets.

Benefits for Your Business from a Translation Service 

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